About Alstor Innovation


Non-stop Innovation and Challenge

  • Through comprehensive understanding of the future and immense technology, Alstor Innovation is playing the leading figure role of national development with continuous innovation of technology and management.

We Will Create Happiness for Stakeholders

  • The ultimate value that Alstor Innovation is pursuing is the happiness of stakeholders. Alstor Innovation is making an effort to achieve happier future for all of us. Beyond short-term profit creation, Alstor Innovation will fulfill its social responsibility and role as an exemplary corporate citizen and will open the future where stakeholders’ happiness is expanded and reproduced.


New ideas come from new ways of thinking

We respect originality and value new insights. We believe that the best way to face an ever-changing world is with open minds and new ideas.



We are constantly seeking challenges to overcome and achieve what others believe to be impossible

We have passion, confidence, a positive spirit, and courage to face new-unexperienced areas. We use these traits to face new challenges in all aspects of our business.



It is our belief that every employee can help increase the company's value every day.

We all contribute to the company's value every day, but we also have the opportunity to help improve the quality of life for people in our community, and throughout the world, through self-development.



We believe in acting fairly and keeping our promises

We are an ethical company that believes in honest work. This is reflected in our transparent management processes. We keep promises made to customers, employees, shareholders, and society as a responsible corporate citizen.



We care for humanity and base relationships on trust

Since our company's inception, we have built both business and personal relationships on trust. We believe that our employees, business partners, and suppliers will fulfill their respective duties, and these trusting relationships have grown along with our company over time.

Ethics Management

Alstor Innovation is committed to fulfilling its ethical responsibilities to build a company that is trusted for its integrity and fairness.

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Our Services

We are providing consulting services and technical training in the following areas

Marketing, Supplying and Providing Advising

Financial Advising

Inventory Advising

Providing market analysis of Caucasus countries included:

  • A sketch of targeted customer segments, including size and demographics of the groups
  • An industry description and outlook, including statistics
  • Historical, current and projected marketing data for your product/services
  • A detailed evaluation of your competitors, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluating economic risks as well as legal and regulatory risks
  • Providing analytical statistics
  • Reviewing the growth of consumption of the product (service) in each region
  • Reviewing the supply and demand situation in the product (service) market
  • Market research and presentation of the model with the highest probability of success in entering the Caucasus market
  • The market share of each brand in the Caucasus market and their success in gaining market share through:
    • Pricing policies
    • Quality and variety of services
    • And encouragement and promotional methods