CEO Message

we will not stop stepping up to challenges and innovating for the future
Dear Customers, Shareholders, and Outside Stakeholders,

We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to all those customers, shareholders, and outside stakeholders who showed such love and interest in Alstor Innovation during the year past.

In the New Year, we will accelerate our effort to raise and stabilize the profitability of our core businesses by enhancing our operational efficiency. We are committed to making our newly invested businesses profitable as soon as possible.

We are raising our overall business productivity by improving product quality and optimizing the efficiency of business processes, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of both new and existing businesses.

Concerning our organizational culture, we will maintain an environment where self-motivated employees use teamwork to achieve their clearly defined goals.

Through these efforts on multiple fronts, our management team and staff members are collaborating in a high-performance organization that is perfectly positioned for continued corporate growth and personal development.

Please join us in our long-term encouragement of people to pursue their dreams and fulfill the company’s vision.


We wish you and your family all the happiness.

Alstor Innovation CEO & President

Ali Nassirnejad